What we teach . . .

What we teach - that's a great question!

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Let's start with the truth - the truth is that most people don't know what Network Marketing really is because of the hype they've heard about a particular company or the industry in general.

My definition of hype is "The use of exaggerated, or false claims - for the intention of manipulating an uninformed buyer to a decision that is not based on fact"

Our personal commitment; "No Hype or BS from either Cecily or me at Dream Makers".

To build a strong team 'means' that you have a team that is duplicating and growing. What we (and you) are looking for are results; "There is no fairer way to gauge something than by results; often harsh, always fair." - Brian Klemmer

While Network Marketing is a simple concept, it is sorely misunderstood and misrepresented.

First - let's look at the need:

We are all experiencing world change like no one would have predicted just months ago; skyrocketing crude oil prices and increased taxes are causing everything we need on a daily basis to go up in price; food, transportation costs, clothing, electricity, heating oil - it's all going up in cost at an alarming rate!

What will that do to your financial situation?

Can you stand that kind of increase in spending
and still maintain your lifestyle?

So many people are looking for a way to create more money - as one person said to me the other day at the gym;
'I'm going backwards $30,000 a year'.

If you think it's time to take a serious look at developing a 'safety net', a second stream of income that can add $30,000 or more a year in part time effort to your present income without changing what you presently do,
we can help you.

Over the years we have successfully helped
hundreds of people realize their income goals.

17 years ago, after 30 year careers in corporate America, we entered the Network Marketing industry and by applying sound business principles within a short time established a full time income.

We are convinced that the secret to our success is the training, free on-line tools and coaching we offer to to our team members.

What we do . . .


We look for individuals who seriously want more in their life, and who realize anything worthwhile takes time and effort. We work directly with you to assist and support you in creating the income you desire.

We believe Network Marketing is the financial vehicle of the future, and to help you learn why we are giving away a newly released audio CD by best selling author Robert Kiyosaki; "The Business for the 21st Century".

We also provide you what we believe is the best way to get an accurate overview of the industry by viewing 2 short videos.  This is the quickest way to learn the 'right' perspective of our industry; and how you create 'leveraged' income, is to watch these two on-line moves:

Once you have seen them and filled out the mailing form we will send you Robert's CD with no strings attached.

Learn more here!

Now, pay close attention to the 4 principles you will learn in the 2nd movie. These 4 principles will help you look at ANY business model and know if it is the right business for you - you will have the right perspective!  ~ Our gift to you.

In order to become a successful, self-sufficient network marketer, there are many facets of the industry one needs to learn. Some, we learned quite early on, others we learned after trying to do what others told us to do – things that didn't work.

Our Top 6 Unique Lessons - our free gift to you - Get Yours Here.

In addition to these 6 Unique Lessons - check out the videos on the first page of the Resource Center - MLM Wealth Training. This is the secret language you have been looking for!